UX Copywriting

UX Copywriting

There are several fundamentals that go into writing good copy. Among the most important are:

  • Knowing your audience.
  • Focusing on benefits over features.
  • Recognizing that people don’t like to be sold.
  • Appealing to your reader’s emotions.
  • Offering logical reasons to support the purchase of your product after you’ve made the emotional case.

UX Copywriting relies on these same fundamentals, but with a little twist.

Knowing your audience is imperative. To provide a good user experience, we don’t just strive to learn everything we can about our audience in general, we also strive to understand the state of mind our audience is in when they arrive on the page. By understanding their emotional mindset and their primary goal, we can write our copy in a way that helps them move forward.

Focusing on benefits is key. Your audience is interested in how a product will help them fulfill a desire, fill a need, or solve a problem. Those are benefits. When writing for the user experience, we focus on the most likely outcome of the product, not the outlier cases. We’re careful to back up every claim we make. We provide information for our reader to draw conclusions rather than telling our reader what they should think. And we’re transparent about what they’ll have to put in to achieve the results they want.

Because the focus of user experience copywriting is on helping our reader achieve their goals, we help rather than sell. We want to help the reader identify where they’re trying to go, and then help them get there if we can — and it’s usually the product we’re writing about that will make their journey possible.

People buy for emotional reasons. They also buy from people who they know, like, and trust. When writing for the user experience, we work to make an emotional connection with our reader by anticipating their needs and responding to them with empathy.

Once a reader can see themselves using and benefiting from our product, we need to help them see that there’s evidence to support their decision to buy. In user experience copy, we always provide honest, objective proof that we can fulfill any promise we’ve made.

Just about any copy or content a customer will read will be more effective if it provides a good user experience.

The Best Part About UX Copywriting:

The best thing about UX is that it's all about helping your reader, which means you'll  good — real good about every sale that you make because you are help your customer or client.

If you need to embrace UX copywriting to increase your sales by improving user experience on your website, you need to seek the services on an experienced UX copywriter.

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